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Ready to get started on your new business or business plan? The Startup Stillwater Accelerator is a multi-session class for entrepreneurs designed to meet weekly and work together as a cohort on your business plan.

At the end of the six sessions, you will have fully exercised your startup venture through all the phases of launching a business. 

Six weeks -> six topics:

Getting Started

Problem definition and market research

Sales and Marketing

Team, legal, structure of the business

Financials - pulling together the numbers

Strategic planning

Graduation/Final Presentations

Ready to sign up for the Accelerator and get your business started? Space is limited so register today! Fill out the contact form below to get started. 

Attendees may chose to participate via Zoom or attend in person at the Meridian Technology Center for Business Development. Cost for all six sessions is $50. 

Program scholarship is available to persons economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To apply for full or partial scholarship, please email

Graduates of the program receive over $1,200 in free services after graduation!

  • 6 months of virtual incubation at the Meridian Technology Center for Business Development

  • 1 year free Chamber of Commerce membership

Startup Stillwater Accelerator is a joint program through Meridian Technology Center, OSU Riata Center Downtown, and the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce.

The details for the upcoming Accelerator can be found by clicking the "Register Today" button below!

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